Family Feedback

“My daughter Clementine loves the Future Planners class, and looks forward to it with excitement every week. She is so proud of what she and her fellow-planners learn and build together, and has a new-found awareness of what makes her neighborhood a neighborhood!”

– Anna, Prospect Heights Brooklyn (Daughter Clementine in 1st grade)


“My daughter has been empowered by the Mini Planners program to re-examine our neighborhood from bodegas to community gardens to playgrounds. It is wonderful to see her explore with our community in such a thoughtful way!”

– Jenny, Fort Greene Brooklyn (Daughter Alma in 1st grade)


“My older daughter participated in one of Aminah’s 5-week future planners workshops and LOVED it! It was very hands on and allowed my daughter to explore her own ideas as they built their own playgrounds. She also got to jointly paint a mural with the other kids in the workshop that remains up at her school and is a wonderful reminder of the work they did.”

– Tori, Prospect Heights Brooklyn (Daughter Penny in 2nd grade)


“Yes, we will sign Holden up again [for the next 12 weeks of after-school]. He loved it. It’s on my to do list!”

-Gretchen, Prospect Heights Brooklyn (Son Holden in Kindergarten)