Our Team

Aminah Ricks

Aminah Ricks is an architect, urbanist, writer and teacher who created Future Planners to include and empower children in the process of improving our cities. She helps schools, public and private institutions, NGOs and governments in the US, Europe and Asia recognize the benefit of embracing the unique perspective and experience of children in the city design process from the outset.

Prior to Future Planners, Aminah created Emerging City, an urban planning platform to research, document and capture images and writings about cities. Active since its inception in 2014, Emerging City both embraces and challenges our ideas, perceptions and day-to-day experiences with cities.

She earned degrees in Architecture and Building Engineering at the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre (all coursework in Italian), and English Literature at Carleton College. She spent over a decade living in Italy, creating designs and plans, renovating and restoring historic villas and towers, and managing artisans and builders.

A passionate advocate for walkable and bike-friendly cities, Aminah puts her feet where her views are every day of the week. She loves cities (has lived in 9 and visited more than 100 worldwide) and believes in their potential to serve the needs of all residents, especially the young ones! Aminah lives with her husband and their daughter (the original city-zen).

Benedetto Davi

Benedetto Davi has urban planning in his blood.  Since he was a young child, his love for maps developed into a lifelong passion for the urban fabric.

Benedetto earned his degree in Urban Planning at the University of Palermo in Sicily. He works for Cucich Architecture in Queens, NY and shares his thoughts, vision and energy to collaborate with Future Planners, including teaching and curriculum planning.

Isabelle Bui

Isabelle Bui is a star on the rise.  She has already interned in political offices in the Bronx, for Bloomberg Associates as well Future Planners.  She brings joy, enthusiasm and sensitivity to her work.

Currently Isabelle is completing her degree at Middlebury.