Speaking Engagements

Founder Aminah Ricks is available to speak about the benefits and importance of engaging children in the urban planning process.  Her countless hours working with children from ages 3 – 11 years old, in this multi-disciplinary field of urban planning, ensure that her unique perspective is a valuable resource for planners, developers, politicians, educators and active community groups.

Aminah grew up in Hyde Park, Chicago, lived for over a decade in Italy and has traveled to over 70 cities worldwide.  Her enthusiasm and passion as an architect, urban planner and mother make her an energetic speaker on how to ignite the creativity of children in thinking about their immediate urban landscape.

21 Luglio, 2018
Corso Mazzini
Spoleto, Italia

OFARCH Officina d’Architettura
Keynote Speaker & Workshop Leader | Le Città Migliori Includono le Esigenze e le Prospettive dei Bambini

A one-day (Italian language) presentation/workshop with young children of the Umbrian city, Spoleto.  The goal is to provide a hands-on project for children to think like mini-planners and suggest concrete improvements to resolve the lack of integrated play-spaces and playgrounds in the city.  The project will culminate in a talk and a proposal to be shared with key politicians in City Hall, providing valuable insights to make Spoleto more kid friendly, framed by the children that live there.

OFArch Spoleto Conference

January 13, 2018
Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Brooklyn, NY, USA

I Have a Dream Celebration, Annual Event
Lead Speaker & Facilitator | Brooklyn Kids March

Children listen to stories about Martin Luther King Jr. and design a protest sign that promotes friendship and equality in their neighborhood.  Group activities followed by a peace march around the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum Event

November 3, 2017
Hunter College
New York City, USA

American Planning Association New York Chapter Annual Conference
Panelist & Presenter | Youth Engagement in Planning: Strategies for Planning More Inclusive Cities

This session brings together a diverse group of planners and youth development professionals to present on the need to plan safe, healthy and inclusive cities with and for youth informed by their perspective. The session will begin with each panelist briefly introducing themselves and speaking to one or both of these dimensions. The rest of the session will be a chance to ask questions, and to hold a discussion and sharing of strategies that folks on the panel and the audience have used to engage youth.

APA Hindsight Conference

For appearances and speaking engagements (in English or Italian) please contact Aminah Ricks at inquiry@futureplanners.city