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Future Planners Founder Aminah Ricks speaks about the value of engaging children in the urban planning process. Her extensive experience and multi-disciplinary approach to working with children of all ages in the practice of urban planning ensure give her a unique perspective. She has spoken before groups of architects, developers, planners, politicians, educators, and community groups. Her particular combination of professional training and personal passion make her a credible and dynamic voice. Aminah is fluent in English and Italian and has given talks and run workshops in both languages.


January 27 – 29, 2019
Vienna, Austria

Promoting Social Cohesion – Youth Participation in our Communities
6th International Mayors’ Conference NOW

Act.Now will provide the space for dialogue – frank, open, uncensored, and on equal terms – between the Mayors and civil servants of the NOW Mayors’ Network (Europe, the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East), local, regional and international politicians, policy- and decision-makers, educators, experts, representatives of GOs and NGOs, and a large international group of young people from Europe and the MENAT region – around the main topics of participation and education.

Young people are underrepresented in decision-making processes which affect them, although their engagement is crucial to democracy. Our aim is to co-create and develop bold ideas and projects, jointly lead by young people and municipal and educational institutions, to shape the societies they are going to live in.


November 4, 2018
Van Alen Institute
New York City, USA

City Making from the Outside In
Workshop | Make YOUR Playground

Playgrounds are built for children, so why not allow children to become the architects of the only space in the public realm that is truly theirs? Van Alen and Future Planners present this three-hour hands-on workshop, Make YOUR Playground, to turn on young imaginations and consider the multitude of priorities for playground planning.

Participants meet at VAI and then walk to explore Madison Square Park’s Police Officer Moira Ann Smith Playground.  Hands on building of models back at VAI and box lunch included.
Time: 10:00am—1:00pm

September 25, 2018
Wiener Rathaus, City Hall of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Child in the City World Conference
Presentation | Youth Oriented City Planning Benefits More than Children

Children’s professionals, university lecturers, researchers and city planners from all over the world will share their knowledge and research on child-friendly cities.

Child in the City World Conference

21 Luglio, 2018
Largo Ferrer
Spoleto, Italia

OFARCH Officina d’Architettura
Keynote Speaker & Workshop Leader | Le Città Migliori Includono le Esigenze e le Prospettive dei Bambini

An Italian language presentation/workshop with young children of Spoleto, providing a hands-on project for them to design improvements to resolve the lack of integrated play-spaces and playgrounds in the city.  The day will culminate in a talk to residents and a proposal to be shared with key politicians in City Hall, providing valuable insights to make Spoleto more kid friendly.

OFArch & Future Planners Outdoor Piazza Workshop

June 22, 2018
Van Alen Institute
New York City, USA

Flash Competition sponsored by Van Alen Institute, NYC Cultural Affairs and NY State Council for the Arts
Judge | FLOW! Getting Around the Changing City

Juror for flash design competition in NYC which invites multidisciplinary teams of urban planners, architects, designers and artists to propose design solutions for moving traffic, pedestrians, bikes, and buses safely in the Lower East Side of Manhattan with the impending L subway shutdown.

January 13, 2018
Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Brooklyn, NY, USA

I Have a Dream Celebration
Lead Speaker & Facilitator | Brooklyn Kids March

Children listen to stories about Martin Luther King Jr. and design a protest sign that promotes friendship and equality in their neighborhood.  Group activities followed by a peace march around the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum Event


November 3, 2017
Hunter College
New York City, USA

American Planning Association New York Chapter Annual Conference
Panelist & Presenter | Youth Engagement in Planning: Strategies for Planning More Inclusive Cities

This session brings together a diverse group of planners and youth development professionals to present on the need to plan safe, healthy and inclusive cities with and for youth informed by their perspective. The session will begin with each panelist briefly introducing themselves and speaking to one or both of these dimensions. The rest of the session will be a chance to ask questions, and to hold a discussion and sharing of strategies that folks on the panel and the audience have used to engage youth.

APA Hindsight Conference


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